About Me

I originally worked within the NHS Sector until 5th October 2016 when I had a burst aneurysm/brain hemorrhage. I was on life support for a while but eventually recovered well enough to go home. I did suffer some life changing injuries, which resulted in a loss of balance, and the permanent loss of a lot of my sight. My life changed completely. I lost my job and my driving licence. I was virtually housebound, as my husband worked long hours. It was then that I made the choice to try painting. It was very difficult at first, I used to paint using textures. I couldn’t manage a brush and so used credit cards, plastering trowels, rollers and even a hammer! 5 years on, after 4 eye operations, my sight has improved a little and I am now trying different techniques. My artwork is still very bold and bright and I occasionally go back to using different textures. I now also use alcohol inks. They are very vivid but quite tricky to master. I hope you enjoy my website and my art!